About Fursad Fund


Somalia is recovering from two decades of civil war, famine, piracy and terrorism. Despite ranking at the bottom of nearly all global indices, the country has made great strides over the past five years. Much of the country is now in the hands of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS).

After many years of dominance, the violent groups are now on the back foot. Reconstruction is at an all-time high. Trade is regaining momentum. Thousands of refugees and highly skilled Diaspora members are returning as more regions stabilize.


To contribute to sustainable development and peace in Somalia, by mobilizing all Somalis to be part of the recovery process and create opportunities.


To envision a strong, just and progressive Somalia, where citizens take the ownership and work together to build a cohesive society.

Core Values

  • Accountability

    To be financially accountable to all our stakeholders – community, donors, volunteers, staff, etc.

  • Transparency

    To persistently maintain a line of communication with our stakeholders, so that they know what the Fursad Fund is doing or saying.

  • Swiftness

    Fursad Fund will implement projects and programs in rapid manner while safeguarding due diligence.