Creating 50,000 opportunities over the next 5 years..

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Promoting ‘Somalis helping Somalis’ as a long-term solution

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A national campaign targeting 3 main areas.

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Fursad Fund

Welcome to the official website of Fursad Fund. Here you will be able to find out more information on the project.

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$1 a day. $7 per week. $30 per month. $365 per year.

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Financially contributing to Fursad Fund means you’re creating an opportunity.

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The ultimate objective of Fursad Fund is to seize the momentum of recovery with Somali-owned, Somali-led targeted interventions.

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By the Numbers

Below you can find statistics about the opportunities created so far.

$ 41,939.17 1,825,000.00
Donated by 114 of expected 5,000 oppurity makers
292 opportunities created so far

Funded with $ 31,000.00 of $ 41,939.17 raised


Opportunity makers


Pledge donors


Target donors

Target Areas

Fursad Fund has three mutually reinforcing targets. Funds will be allocated to those three priorities as determined by the Board of Directors. Each of the three target areas addresses problems in the past, present and future.

Thank You

Thank you to our latest donors

Maxamed Daahir $100
Cali Yuusuf Cali $30
Abdisalam M Jamac Salwa $700
Raxma $365
Dr Ali Yasin Sheikh $360
Abubakar Mubarak $365
Abdirahman $365.00
Naciimo Wehliye $30.00
Khalif Hanshi Abdi $30
Maxamed Barre Maxamed $30
Fatima Ahmed Aynte $ 35.00
Maxamed Diini $365